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- and a better guest service

With GoodiePack, your guests will have the opportunity to purchase various products or services quickly and easily within hotel arrival. The pre-orders by the guest will automatically be sent to the hotel so you as an extra service have the opportunity to make everything ready before arrival. There are a lot of other ways to use GoodiePack, such as making it easy for the guests to evaluate their stay and answer questions. See examples on this page and contact us to get a demo at:

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Benefits of using GoodiePack

  • Make it easy for the guests to make extra purchases
  • Let the guests tailor their stay
  • Push relevant content and practical info
  • The staff save time on answering questions by phone
  • Guests can order outside opening hours

More advantages with GoodiePack

  • The guest can evaluate the stay through their goodiepack
  • A goodiepack can be a digital guestbook
  • You can collect missing data and guest information
  • It will be easy for the guest to book a new stay
  • The content is real-time and the goodiepack can be edited whenever needed
  • Everything can be automated and set up once
  • Reward new or loyal guests with additional benefits

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With GoodiePack you can send unique and personal content to every guest automatically. Here you can see examples of other content in a goodiepack, which all can be in the same goodiepack.

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Have the guest review their stay on Tripadvisor or make a new online booking

A goodiepack can also contain video, sound, pictures, text and much more.

Be sustainable and digitize the guestbook by putting the content in a goodiepack

Send digital coupons with added benefits, or guide your guests in the local area.

Integrations and automatic push

GoodiePack can integrate with the hotels bookingsystem and will send out the goodiepacks automatically through email or text message. Here are some of the systems we work with already.

Do you have questions on other integrations you are most welcome to contact us at:

+45 71 74 75 71

Case: Hotel Fårup Sommerland

- Awarded as Europe’s third best amusement park based on their guest service.

Every 3rd guest makes an additional purchase through their goodiepack and the hotel have saved 2 employees, who answered questions by phone.

Here’s how they use GoodiePack:
The hotel sends a goodiepack to guests through email or textmessage a few days before arrival. Through their goodiepack, guests have the opportunity to book a table in the restaurant as well as pre-order welcome packages that will be ready in their room upon arrival. In the goodiepack they also receive practical information such as opening hours, restaurant menu cards, local area information, newsletter sign-up etcetera.

Their goodiepack contains:

  • Opportunity to pre-order teddybears, late check-out and extras
  • Directions to the hotel
  • Practical information
  • Important times
  • Special advantages at the theme park for hotelguests
  • Ask a question directly to the reception
  • Evaluation of their stay
  • Reference to social media

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If guests haven’t provided their phone number and therefore haven’t received the goodiepack in advance, they can enter their phone number on a screen at the reception and they will automatically receive the goodiepack.

Results with GoodiePack

  • Every 3. guest pre-order extras before arrival
  • Every guest opens their goodiepack 4 times in average
  • The most popular content is practical information and pre-orders
  • The guests customize their stay, by informing the hotel about special needs before arrival
  • The information level has been raised, all the guests are well informed before arrival

Since we started using GoodiePack, every 3rd guests now order something extra. GoodiePack makes it easy for our guests to order more with just a few clicks. It also provides an extra special service to our guests because they have all the information they need directly on their phone before arrival. Other than that, we actually saved 2 employees at the reception, who just answered phone calls before. So we really love GoodiePack and will recommend GoodiePack to anyone!

Louise Bager Hansen, Hotel Director at Hotel Fårup
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