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GoodiePack is a software tool that makes it easier for you to communicate, market and sell more to your physical guests. Leaving an even better guest experience!

How it works

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1. Create content for your goodiepack
2. Push out your goodiepack
3. Analyze and evaluate your data

Increasing the sales with GoodiePack

Proffesional experience
Strengthen the guest experience, increase loyality and the overall impression of your company and brand.
Upselling & cross-selling
Get the guest to buy more. Before arrival, during their stay, or after departure.
Save time
Push out relevant content, and gather the info you need from the customer through the goodiepack.
Sponsor satisfaction
Sponsors or partners can now get their offer out to all your guests and bring it home.

Great user experience

Fast and easy for everyone.

Personal welcome


Activating sponsors


Pre-booking and upselling


Refer a friend


Tickets and vouchers


Unique promo codes


Quiz and competitions


Collect feedback


Customer Club


Pack one or more goodies in one goodiepack and send it directly to the customers mobile.

Push the content
Contact lists
Customer club
Automatically integration with booking / ticket / CRM system
Pull the content
Scanning QR code
In store display
Send text with keyword


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You give your guests a warm welcome – maybe even before their arrival.
You make sure that your guests always have access to any relevant information
You pamper your guests and show that you do something extra for them only

Our customers say

Since we started using GoodiePack, every 3rd guests now order something extra. GoodiePack makes it easy for our guests to order more with just a few clicks. It also provides an extra special service to our guests because they have all the information they need directly on their phone before arrival. Other than that, we actually saved 2 employees at the reception, who just answered phone calls before. So we really love GoodiePack and will recommend GoodiePack to anyone!

Quote louise

Louise Bager Hansen

Hotel Manager

GoodiePack enabled us to remove all of the print we would normally give out to our participants and without the need for downloading anything to your phone our participants could easily and quickly get full access to all the information they needed for the event. Program, expo overview, speaker abstracts & bio, parking, wifi and all manner of information was easily and quickly available for every participant throughout the day. It was a pleasure to work with the team whom even answered and followed up on queries after working hours. A+ from here

Quote johan

Johan Clausen

Event Manager

GoodiePack is a super great tool if you want to make it easier to communicate different material to guests. We have used goodiepack at our Annual Meeting, where we wanted to inform the guests with different stuff during the evening. We are really surprised who userfriendly the softwaretool is and how easy it is to create your Goodies. If you need guidance GoodiePack also provides first class service.

Quote cathrine

Cathrine Mathiasen

Communication Manager

GoodiePack is an easy and user friendly tool that can give you and your customer the best experience. In our Soccer Club Fortuna Hjørring we want to improve the stadium experience for our audience. Here is GoodiePack an ideal tool, as we can use GoodiePack to provide information about practical stuff, entertain and activate the audience during the game. We also get a direct number (data) on which of our initiatives works the best, and what our customers want. We would definitely recommend GoodiePack to everyone who want to give their customers a unique and improved experince.

Quote anders

Anders Mariegaard

Sales and commercial

"You can't improve
what you can't measure."

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