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Terms and conditions for business use of

Before the usage of the Platform commences, these terms and conditions are to be read carefully. By use of the Platform or other services provided by the Company, you thereby accept and declare yourself understanding of these terms. In case of objections regarding these terms, you should not use the Platform.

These terms and conditions apply to you as a customer and GoodiePack (CVR-no. 37197572) (”The Company”) by your use of and other tools, websites and services attached to GoodiePack.

You hereby accept these Terms and Conditions by use of the platform, together with the data processing agreement, which you will find here.

The Company reserves the right to change, add or remove parts of these Terms at any time. It is your responsibility to check these Terms, before you use the Platform. Your continued use of the Platform after potential changes of these terms signify your acceptance of the Terms and changes.

As long as these Terms are complied with, the Company grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-referable, limited right of use for the Platform exclusively in agreement with these Terms.

About the Platform and use hereof

The Platform is an online service, where you can set up and offer digital goods (“goodies”) gathered in a (“goodiepack”). A goodiepack thereby consist of one or more goodies.

The Platform is put at your disposal, where you can easily create a profile (“Profile”), and also create your own unique goodiepacks. These goodiepacks can hereafter be put at the disposal of your guests, readers, audiences etc. (“Users”) to the extent you wish.

Hereafter, the users can ”collect” or claim a goodiepack via the Platform.

Creation of Profile

When you create a Profile via the Platform, you must enter basic information, such as name, company, address, e-mail, phone number etc. (“Information”). These Information can be updated or changed at any time.

You have hereby been made aware that others, whom you send a goodiepack, will be able to see some of these Information.

You vouch for that these Information you enter are true, as well as not in violation with other’s rights.

By creating a Profile and/or logging in to the Platform, you accept that you have full authorization to distribute the information you enter, as well as declaring that you are of age and over 18 years old.

Creation of a goodiepack

When you create a goodiepack you must enter in different facts (including URL, date and title) about this goodiepack, as well as upload pictures and text for the content (gathered “Material”).

You vouch for that the Material you enter, and upload is true and in no violation to other’s rights, just as it is your responsibility that the content of your goodiepack is legal, and in accordance with your agreement with partners/sponsors. In case a User is decided in favor of the Company reimbursing a User for a Goodie or the like, you must indemnify the Company.

The Company cannot guarantee for the content of a goodiepack.


You must pay in accordance to the agreement entered with Goodiepack, on either invoice or credit card.

You must enter the information from your credit card (”Payment information”) when you choose an activation-date for your goodiepack. The payment will then be withdrawn in connection with the activation of a goodiepack.

The payment will be conducted via the payment-service Stripe ( Stripe is PCI compliant and your Payment information will be sent to and via Stripe in encrypted form (SSL). Hence Stripe is responsible for your Payment Information, and the Company will never save or store such.

The Company retains the right to offer different types of access to the Platform, in which different functions, and/or services may be available. The Company also maintains the right to change the prices hereof, however no later than by the creation of future user-accesses and hence never retrospective.


All your data (hereunder Information and Material) will be stored with the Company indefinitely, as long as your Profile remains active, in accordance with The EU General Data Protection Regulation.

If you terminate/delete your Profile, or your Profile is terminated by the Company in accordance with these Terms, your data may be deleted or made inaccessible.

The Company take positive steps to protect your data and prevent unauthorized access to your Information and Material. However, the Company is not responsible for actions from those who have unauthorized access, and the Company provides no guarantee that such unauthorized access cannot happen.


By using the Platform you accept that the Company makes use of cookies and so-called widgets on Web for different purposes. GoodiePack gathers necessary cookies, preference-cookies, operational- and optimization-cookies along with cookies of targeted advertisement.

You can read more about the Company’s use of cookies and widgets here.

Exemption of liability

The services provided via the Platform are solely services of a general and helpful character, and are not intended to, nor should be perceived of anything else.

The company disclaim any responsibility that goodiepacks created through the Platform will be used by the User.

You are yourself responsible for eventual Sponsors, who believe they can regret their participation in a goodiepack. You are also responsible for Users, who believe they can regret their purchase in accordance to rules of law regarding regretting remote purchases.

You are responsible for maintaining the credibility of your Information and password. You must inform the Company immediately of any unauthorized usage of your Profile, or any other violation of safety regulations. Never give out your information.

You are not allowed to use other people’s password or Profile at any time or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Platform. You accept that you must give the Company exact, up-to-date and complete information regarding yourself, along with your billing- and payment information.

You accept that the Company is not responsible for eventual damages that you may suffer or sustain as a consequence of: 

(a) indirect loss; 

(b) deficiencies on the Platform or trouble with internet service (hereunder sudden abrupted service) 

(c) web-content or information that is gathered on our Platform or while you are using our service 

(d) an established goodiepack 

(e) information or communication blocked by a spamfilter 

(f) damage to your computer, phone or damage to or loss of information, material, data, text, images, video, sound or similar, as a consequence of breakdown, whether this is a vicious attack, a virus et cetera or errors with the supplier of servers. 

(g) Force majeure conditions (For instance weather-related phenomenon, fire, earthquake, hurricane etc.), riots, strikes, war, terror or state orders or actions.

Contact and newsletters

You hereby accept that the Company may contact you via the address, e-mail and/or phone number you disclose on your Profile in relation to marketing, studies, changes, news and similar initiatives.

Immaterial rights

All media, software, text, templates, pictures, graphics, user-interface, music, videos, photos, trademarks, logos, illustrations, design, codes and other content on the Platform that is put at your disposal is owned or licensed by or to the Company and is protected by copyright law.

Unless explicitly stated in these Terms or agreed with the Company no other part of the Platform may be sold, rented, distributed, uploaded, leased, sent or changed to new works, translated or in any other way transferred to another computer, website or other media. You are however allowed to advertise your goodiepacks and their content in a suitable manner and extent.

The Company, and all other brands, illustrations, icons, logos and names on the Platform are trademarks and service marks appertaining the Company and its licensor. The use of such a trademark without the Company’s explicit written consent is strictly forbidden, unless you have permission to use the Company’s finished materials, when you are going to close sponsor-agreements, or if you wish to advertise your goodiepack.

Your feedback and eventual input to the Company or our templates will summarily remain our exclusive property without any additional payment or compensation.

All Material, text and Information, which you upload via the Platform remains your exclusive property. We do however reserve the right to bring your goodiepack to Users’ attention in a suitable manner and extent.

Termination and deletion

You can at any time terminate your cooperation with the Company and request for us to delete your Profile by contacting

Commenced goodiepacks will however be completed as scheduled and payment thereof will be charged.

The Company reserve the right at any time to change or discontinue your access to the Platform (or parts thereof) with or without notice, alongside of discontinuing/deleting your Profile, if we sense or discover violations of these Terms, improper use, attempts of improper use or common practices moreover.

The Company is not responsible to you or any third-party for any changes, price changes, suspension or termination of the Platform.

Various conditions

Disclaimer: No delay or omission to take measures or decisions in accordance to these Terms, constitute a waiver of a condition or rights in accordance to these Terms.

Separate conditions: If a condition in these Terms is invalid or cannot be enforced in accordance to current law, such a condition and the remaining of these Terms must be enforced to the greatest extent possible through current law, and the remaining conditions.

Transfer: The Terms and the rights you obtain hereunder are personal to you, cannot be transferred, assigned to or delegated to others. Any attempt to transfer, delegate or assign these Terms and conditions hereunder must be rendered null and void.

Applicable law: These Terms and your use of the Platform are subject to Danish law.

Venue: Any dispute that may arise under these Terms or as a consequence of your use of the Platform must be settled at Copenhagen District Court.

These Terms and conditions have been updated March 1st 2020, and replace all former existing conditions. The conditions are valid until new conditions are issued.