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Digitize your employee handbook!

With GoodiePack your volunteers or employees can receive and access all relevant information directly on their phone, so they have everything they need in one place. This means that they don’t have to look for answers or information several different places and channels. Volunteers are an essential part of many companies, that’s why it’s important that the volunteers feel appreciated, so they want to come back year after year and possibly recommend it to others.

Here you can see some examples of how you can use GoodiePack for your volunteers and staff. You are also welcome to contact us anytime at:

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Benefits of using GoodiePack

  • Push out relevant practical information and make sure everyone has received it
  • Digitize the employee handbook and make sure they always have the information right by the hand
  • Use GoodiePack to create an employee database and collect missing data
  • Digitize employee benefits, food vouchers, drink vouchers, rosters etc.
  • Automate distribution of unique content to different groups or persons
  • Let the volunteers or the employees contribute in scheduling rosters by letting them choose or inquire their own work shifts.

More advantages with GoodiePack

  • The volunteer or employee can evaluate directly in their goodiepack
  • The system is real time and can therefore easily be edited after distribution
  • Everything can be automated and planned so that nothing has to be done on the actual day
  • Makes it easy for them to report an incident
  • Reward new or loyal volunteers or employees with extra benefits
  • Makes it easy for them to check-in and check-out from their work shift
  • Makes it easy to refer a friend who can also become a volunteer

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With GoodiePack you can send unique and personal content to every volunteer automatically. Here you can see examples of other content, which all can be in the same goodiepack.

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Here's how to hand out a goodiepack

Our experience shows that the highest opening rate is achieved by sending a goodiepack via SMS. If you don’t have a list of phone numbers or e-mails in advance, we have a link that you can send to the leader of the group, who can then have the volunteers sign up via the link and this way provide their contact information to your goodiepack database. Here you can choose what information you want them to fill out, e.g. which club or association they come from.

If your goodiepack doesn’t contain practical information that needs to be sent out beforehand, but is only used as a digital goodie bag with advantages, the volunteers or employees can also open your goodiepack via QR-code, which can be placed on a name tag, bracelet or the like.

+45 71 74 75 71

Case: Logo groen

Grøn Koncert creates an overview for the volunteers

Groen volunteer

How they use GoodiePack:
Muskelsvindfonden and Grøn Koncert are known for how they handle their many volunteers. However, it can be challenging to coordinate and make sure that everyone has what they need and the right information. Therefore, they use GoodiePack to make automate distributions with unique content to the volunteers. The volunteers from different clubs and different cities need individual information and content. They also use the goodiepack to care for the volunteers, keep them happy and make sure they give them benefits as a thank for their voluntary work.

Content in their goodiepack:

  • Practical information and program
  • Explanation of assignments and work tasks
  • Description of Muskelsvindfonden
  • List of what to remember to bring
  • Report incident or ask a question
  • Check-in and check-out your work shift
  • Map of the location
  • Music program
  • Give feedback and tell us about your experience
  • Use our hashtag and share your photos on social media
  • Follow Grøn Koncert on their social media
  • Nominate a candidate to win this year’s award

Results with GoodiePack

  • 80% opening rate
  • On average, each person has opened their goodiepack 5 times
  • Most used content: Practical information, explanation of work tasks and program
  • The volunteers felt well informed on the day of the concert
  • Hundreds of volunteers have provided feedback and told about their experience
  • 92% have shown interest in the map of the location and 71% have downloaded the map
  • It was possible to send unique information to each volunteer, automatically

GoodiePack has provided us with a tool that let us contact and communicate directly to all our local community volunteers at Grøn Koncert, as well as an opportunity to update the information along the way. As a result, most of our local community volunteers have felt adequately informed and thus they had a much better experience working at Grøn Koncert. In addition, GoodiePack provides great support! You can always call them and get help or get them to optimize the work you have done yourself in the GoodiePack system, to make sure the recipients get the best possible experience.

Julia Naldal, Coordinator for the volunteers at Muskelsvindfonden
Logo muskelsvindfonden

They also use GoodiePack

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